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  • Our Story

    In the beginning… We created an environment where independent personal fitness trainers have the freedom to focus their time and energy in the execution of their craft rather than being slaves to the restrictive demands of corporate gyms. We encourage their personal growth and empowerment that will assist them in growing their business. It’s not about the numbers or how many sales are generated but about the individualized services being provided to each client. Every client that enters MPC shares the desire to achieve optimal health and wellness, however each client comes with a different physical fitness level which requires a tailored fitness program and not a cookie-cutter-type methodology. That is why we’ve provided this private fitness facility to our personal trainers; so they have the freedom of customizing the training, suitable for each of their clients, for a more fulfilling and results-oriented experience.

  • Core Values

    Transparency — establish the building blocks that elicit safety and trust in all our relationships

    Empowerment  — provide the necessary tools to foster a foundation of accountability and enable personal growth

    Think Outside-The-Box —  always looking for innovative ways to improve the trainer-client experience

    Follow Your Bliss — We do what we love and motivate others to do the same
    Seekers of Knowledge – always in pursuit of continuous growth

    Simplistic, Straight-forward Workouts — no trendy, circus-style workouts. Only science backed, proven, tried and tested training

    Serve our Community of personal fitness trainers, instructors and their clients — to nurture each other’s quality of life throughout the process

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Our Team

Our personal fitness trainers possess the highest industry standard certifications. Train with a multi-disciplinary team of the most qualified and highly trained personal trainers in the industry.

Our personal fitness trainers have top tier certifications from the below organizations:

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Join these amazing people who have taken the step towards living a healthier, fitter lifestyle!

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Our Method

Matador Performance Center is a top-performance, private training facility designed to offer elite level personal training, nutrition coaching and therapeutic services. All our personal fitness trainers possess top rated certifications in their field of practice. We’ve developed individualized, integrated programs specifically tailored to our clients’ needs using the latest innovative scientific research and methodology for optimal results.

We are here to guide you through all levels of your fitness journey, to help you achieve peak performance. Whether you’re a working professional, student, athlete, senior citizen or a stay-at-home parent looking to improve your over-all health and well-being, Matador Performance Center is the place for you.

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