Exercise is your king and nutrition is your queen. Together they create your fitness kingdom.

– Jack Lalane

Our Nutrition Plans

Nutritional guidance planning should be an integral part of your fitness regime, alongside an exercise program. We discuss, educate you on and provide you with a nutritional program based on your goals, your current health condition and your desired outcomes. Eventually you will regain and increase your energy levels, decrease abdominal and body fat. You will feel vibrant, motivated, empowered each passing day. You will learn healthier eating habits by implementing balance, variety and moderation while cutting back on foods that sabotage your progress. Francesca L. is a Certified, Alternative Nutritionist, graduate of Cal-State LA with a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Sports Nutrition and certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Francesca has worked alongside doctors like Dr. Vincent Fortanasce, M.D., author of the Anti-Alzheimer’s Prescription.

What To Expect

  • Private Consultation

    Private consultation to assess client lifestyle, eating habits, training schedule, medical/physical condition and use of medications/supplements

  • Nutritional Evaluation

    Evaluate your biochemical composition and physiology to create the most optimal nutritional program

  • Determine Goals

    Setting of desired short and long-term goals

  • Customized Nutritional Program

    Receive a customized nutritional program that is as unique as you to increase stamina and endurance, improve health, optimize performance and manage weight

  • Accountability

    Accountability is key – unconditional support and monitoring is provided along the way to help keep you on track

  • Monthly Fitness & Nutrition Newsletter

    A monthly fitness and nutrition newsletter is made available to further help and educate you, throughout your fitness journey

  • Check-ins

    Periodic body fat measurements, composition testing and weigh-ins to chart progress

Come On! Training is Only ½ the Battle.

Don’t Put in ½ the Effort Unless You’re
Okay with ½ the Results!