Man lifting weights for Olympic Training at Matador Performance Center.


Olympic Style Weightlifting is an athletic discipline comprised of two-hard Snatch and two-hard Clean & Jerk. The goal of the athlete is to complete the lift by receiving the maximum weight overhead for one rep. Jason Longfellow, a professional Olympic weightlifting coach, will guide you through a structured program geared to achieve the explosive properties this sport demands. We work with all age groups, abilities and experience levels ranging from kids to adults and beginners to advanced and high-level athletes.

Our direct approach to fundamental and quality championship training is essential for elite and successful platform performance; one that builds:

Supporting Power, Increased Strength, Explosive Speed, Proper Lifting technique and form – all in keeping with safe, sound and efficient practices of the sport.

What To Expect

  • The Fundamentals

    • Rules of etiquette and key safety procedures
    • Introductory exercises and progressions for the novice
    • Develop sound technique, principles of training, strength exercises and mobility
    • Tailored programming and coaching for those with prior experience
    • Development of sports specific strength and explosiveness
    • Stressing of body, central nervous system and heart
    • Improved balance, coordination, strength, speed and proprioception
    • Proper attitude and mental preparation for successful athletic performance
    • Your personal and supreme challenge to defy gravity is the life-blood of this sport
  • Individualized attention

    • Low athlete to coach ratio
    • Tailored training program, specific to match skill level
  • The Workout

    • Sound technical workouts are the heart of our program
    • Focus on primary and precise movements – Snatch, Clean & Jerk
    • Repetitive singles on top-quality, lifting platforms
    • More volume on technical-lift-training
    • Quality back-up strength training exercises – executed in periodic moderation
    • Basic strength and supplemental lift workouts

Do You Know Your Limits?

Challenge Yourself To Defy Them!